Songtradr is filled with imaginative individuals who are ambitious and expertly skilled, respectively, and the transference of knowledge and ideas that exists here is without limit. Someone posted my music there without permission, and since it was actually making money on their in-store radio service, they let me take over the account. Theme From Taxi Driver 2. I DON’T CARE HOW GREAT YOU THINK SCREENER 309 IS, HE ONLY REPRESENTS ONE OPINION, AND I AM NOT ABLE TO EVOLVE FROM HIS ONE DIMENSIONAL CRITIQUES…. Seasoned members like yourself know that the key to music success is to take charge of your promotional activities and Taxi is only one of many ways to connect with industry pros. Thanks! The music business is notorious for playing on people’s desperation and taking their rent money.. Stop paying those people ! I know my immediate reaction is to be defensive, but once I let the criticism sink in, I realize there’s usually something to it. Who are you with now though? Wow. She said, “I’ll need some time” So, in the end TAXI’s model and services have expanded and become MUCH more than just pitching music. Keep up the Good Fight, and may your battles bring you more Wisdom, Hello Bryon, it has been brought to my attention how part of my last post on Taxi was wrong to write. They act more like a big bulk publishing company pitching songs but unlike a publishing company it does not matter how many times they are wrong how many great songs they overlook they still get paid ! I know there isn’t a set formula to be considered for a possible deal, but for now I’m thinking that once I reach 300-400 forwards that maybe a publisher or music library might possibly reach out to me? There are tons of great communities on Reddit for every musical slant, for free. Also including labels and top-tier playlisters, like Alex Rainbird and Gorilla. I joined SongTradr in 2017 and in 2 years I have over 50 song licenses (overhead media, apps, etc.). If, like me, you’re just hoping to get more mileage out of your artist material, maybe its not the best fit. Since my last posting I've added 2 more licenses (Asia), and I'm up to $80 after commissions have been taken out, but that only represents 7 of my 46 licenses and some of those are quarterly payments. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any contact or calls from prospective music industry reps., • We have what people say is the best online forum for music and music industry education. If he would at least tell me what he hears in the song like screener 398 did, I could keep it in mind for my next pitch, then my $5.00 would not be completely wasted…. I have, however, placed many tracks in blockbuster films and TV (the CW, NBC, Lifetime, MTV, etc). You yourself had not done that, and I am not either. Don’t question them , its always your fault if your not seeing a return oh and gotta have the pep rally ! Saying they want music like Stranger Things by SURVIVE. I haven’t landed anything yet, but have been close (according to the one way communication I get), and believe I will if I just keep improving my craft and focus on submissions where my strengths will shine. But not much. He will ask you to subscribe to his channel and if you want to you can send him a little money and that is fair. I assume you’re hoping to pitch the band’s pre-existing material, rather than creating new material to fit the listings. A mediocre artist with 100 or more songs and a good hustle can market their own catalog directly to TV stations and film companies. I have heard over-and-over and over….”find a new way to say things”. BUT here’s the thing. That’s some serious suckage reality. Start small and hang on to your royalties, Tks. The road to success doesn’t need to be re-invented. I’m done wasting my time on this unprofessional sh*t show. That said, I’m pretty cynical too! Congratulations on all your success outside of Taxi! What I again am not impressed with is Mr Laskow handling of criticism, jumping all over you like that was and even responding to your DATED entries like that was very unsettling. But our successes that happened during the same time period that you were a member shows that our connections did bear fruit. It was rejected because it was stylistically off of the target, that it was more southern rock then rock with country infused. In the years since Taxi, I more or less gave up on sync placements. But it’s an interesting twist! I’m convinced that 309 loves to do that, he has no intention of giving me feedback that could help me get a placement, because he’s an asshole!! Alizée - Google Play Music. still, Ive tried all sorts of self promo and gotten little gain. But if you’re really spinning your wheels musically, but want to make a living, want to get airplay, want to get gigs and streams, etc., it’s going to be tough if most/almost all of the gatekeepers are telling you/me/us, repeatedly, “Sorry kid. I agree with you 100%. like i get it you have a business that you need to run but either run a well run business OR STFU on blogs trying to persuade people in a nasty ass tone that you are worth the $$. Many of the members have had dozens if not hundreds of placements on TV and Film. Looking forward to seeing you again my brother! Giving up the publishers share for placements is a thing of the past. Thanks Craig! Thanks for the resources Michael! He, Them, whoever…. • If your mom told you that your pretty little instrumental sounds like it should be in a movie and you believed her, you should join TAXI. Which from my perspective is a good thing. And believe me, I’ve knocked on thousands of doors at this point. They are running a business alright- and doing very well at it. “the tears in her big blue eyes” (Most of the musicians I like are Indie, Americana, singer-songwriter, Indie pop, New Folk, EDM, shoe-gaze, Brit-pop, Red Dirt, country-rock-punk, etc. We were trying to decide between Distrokid, Tunecore, and CDBaby. And he heard her say, “That’s all the time I need” Didn’t make the grade there either. especially in the Contemporary Country genre. Who are VERY successful in the TV / FILM. Anyone else’s BS detector ringing off the wall at some of these comments? Thank you for this great site. First, the custom critiques have MADE ME A MUCH BETTER SONGWRITER as I was making some major structural mistakes and even if I never make a dime from my submissions it’s worth at least a years membership to improve my songwriting, but one thing that gets said over and over, on many lines is: that’s been said that way hundreds of times.” We as songwriters have to find a different way to say the same thing. I’ve been a member since 1997. Just make sure the demo quality is above average , and the vocals are out front. I’ve also turned influential playlisters onto certain acts, which they appreciated, but when it came to my songs? That will surely pay off in the long run. Unless your forwards are going to the same publisher or music library, and your stuff grows on them over time, I don’t see the number of forwards as being a useful metric. And if nothing else I could be sitting up at some bar chatting it up with other guys like me saying “Yeah, I tried Taxi.. tough racket..” (*knocks one back*). They can hear someone that is tone deaf knowing they will never do anything but tell them to keep sending money! Your comment along with many others on this thread has helped me set the right expectations for my association with this organization. If you already know everything there is to know about the music industry and you like having your music in a few lower-quality libraries, then TAXI might not be a good fit for you. Music Gorilla - 1 year, ZERO licenses, a few bucks wasted. Want to come to their Rally this year on me? I just set up profile to Songtradr, because I see I already have some success with them via my publisher. For me, if it wasn’t for Taxi Dispatch, I wouldn’t be using their service at all. Catch more of my promotional escapades in my How I’m Promoting My Music This Month email newsletter. Others are people who are competing in the high bar parts of the music business and that’s rough!!! do you produce to spec for the songs and instrumental opportunities or do submit generally submit songs from your Color Theory project when there seems to be a fit? But that’s our Mount Everest. 17th November 2016 #2. And…if/when ANY of the writers ever talk or complain about the TAXI membership fees, etc… I tell them to please stay the course…because it definitely works…it’s win win business…for you, for me, and for absolutely for them! As to you remarking that, “I’m sure things have changed quite a bit since I wrote this post nine years ago,” actually not that much. Taxi can be a strong asset for many musicians, depending on their goals and repertoire. There are so many ways to learn now and there are actually libraries that don’t do that to you. I will leave it to each of you reading this to take a hard look in the mirror and soul-search to see if this applies to you. I did indeed write it, and all the Color Theory material. That’s been the mission of this blog from the beginning. I have no idea! You simply want to get as much mileage as you can out of what you’ve already got. I immediately wondered if I was a man, would he have so immediately pegged me as a young, blubbering mess rather than a professional musician and engineer with more than 30 years of experience? Brian Hazard is a recording artist with over twenty years of experience promoting eleven Color Theory albums, and head mastering engineer and owner of Resonance Mastering in Huntington Beach, California. If not, do you recommend other companies with whom you’ve had more success? Lol. Thanks for commenting! Why would I go through Taxi to license music? Will absolutely take a look and consider doing this ASAP. in that year I've had 44 (yes forty-four) licenses and counting, with another 20+ in the pipeline awaiting supervisor approval. TAXI will nickel and dime you to death people and if your really good at what you do you can get noticed other ways without spending your hard earned money. Your comments echo the points I made in the post. I joined Taxi back in the late 90’s and was a member on & off up until 4 years ago. TAXI’s model is 50% education and 50% industry access/pitching your music. Hi Kylie Good for you Bryon for being that secure in yourself and the grace in which you responded. The rest of the bad blood can come from not being in the right place at the right time with the right stuff. Sport And Iris 5. It’s the demo creating bit I find hard, but it’ll push me to get the songs beyond lyrics on a piece of paper into something to be heard. And there are people on Youtube. But I do know that TAXI is legit. Nobody ever got back to me with an answer. Even Taxi says that here:, You ask about the companies Taxi deals with. I know what you mean about the tech. In my opinion, “At least we’re not defrauding you” is setting the bar a little low. Monty, I’m sure you’ll land something eventually, since you have the discipline to approach your composition and orchestration as a job. I’ve been meaning to at least upload some instrumentals since they made me a featured artist. And by the way, I’d like to personally thank Chuck Mott for posting this: And I’ve read on other sites the stuff submitted and forwarded through Taxi is of low quality. Nope. Continue reading. Someone else advises something else. Screener 398: U160908HR – Song Title 012. 4.7 out of 5 stars 6 ratings. Next, I asked him about the negative customer reviews, since they far exceeded the number of positive ones. One would hope! *people you have working for you. Looking at it along them lines, I’m wondering if $500 (plus the cost of well thought out submissions) for a two year subscription to Taxi is a worthwhile investment in yourself. Songtradr distribution VS Distrokid (anyone tried Songtradr for distribution?) Jingle Punks is one of the largest providers of music for media in the world. I looked into them years ago but was too poor then too! While I was disappointed – and there have been many other rejections over the years – I was appreciative they didn’t take my money. for their roster artists/clients, and the many outfits promising help getting TV and film placements. Why people pay some out of work Ex [email protected] rep or some person who wrote a hit song and now they know everything or (act like they do )is beyond me I guess some just don’t know better. Some of them have indeed recommended Taxi. Thank you for sharing… If I decide to join up in a year and start getting placements/forwards right away or something, I’ll come back and share my experience! Our most successful members! I agree – there’s no better alternative. The rest of the call was a sad sales pitch. You’ll notice there are a ton of comments, many of them recent, including several from CEO Michael Laskow himself. The TAXI and Songhunters submission fees are more of a disincentive than anything, to stop people from sending in anything and everything. If you’re happy just creating music for yourself and maybe a handful of folks, then fine and more power to you. Start a company where you can be wrong , miss the mark say 50 % of the time and still get rich !! Gotta have some success or there not legit Right lol. Doesn’t mean it’s a cakewalk for any of them either. I’m including “360” outfits that, as their name implies, are full-service outfits that provide promotion, pr, marketing, playlisting, synch licensing, etc. I’m pretty sure that Taxi doesn’t want you posting the names of the companies they deal with though. I had just written back to an industry vet who recommended Taxi and used the same word you used – “crickets” – to describe over the past 12+ years the response from every music biz pro I’ve asked about Taxi. Hey ! That’s certainly an oldie, from way back in 1999. I’m sure that particular reviewer has moved on by now. How well this works out for getting a deal with me personally remains to be seen. Now to SongTradr -- 1 year, originally in the free version but now paying $7.99 per month, and in that year I've had 44 (yes forty-four) licenses and counting, with another 20+ in the pipeline awaiting supervisor approval. Have to face these things. From what I can tell, the service hasn’t significantly changed, and my advice still holds. I did not renew my membership (2014). But I’m considering if it’s at least worth two years to get whatever I can out of it even if it ultimately turns out to be nothing more than some critiques, forum camaraderie, and maybe a friendship or few that could turn into great collaborations and/or other opportunities down the line and maybe a rally appearance. That’s right, every single musician who negatively reviewed him was a competing company catfishing the public. I agree Allen, Taxi members are a supportive bunch! What else has worked for you, and do you have any recommendations of which record companies/publishers/music libraries I might contact? Anyway, I really liked what you wrote about Taxi. As far as placements, I never had any luck with them. #2 [email protected] doesn’t really even exists anymore and you cant do [email protected] work for Thousands of people. After complementing the song said “it sounds like a bad mix of a bad recording” Recorded it in Nashville with top flight production I researched my files and found that I had uploaded a scratch track. infused with Country Have you had any success pitching your songs on SongU? Most recently was a listing for an ad; commercial of a Mother rough time with teen getting into the car, My New Name, a song about the child giving her a new name being born to her and reflection as she is in the car driving away could be a scenerio. That much I suspect is true inasmuch as TAXI placing mainly TV and film based material. I see you invite people to send you stuff and you review it. Regardless, it’s wise of you to attempt a rewrite. “Stare Out the Window” is about acting on your dreams rather than watching life pass you by. Now I’ll have plenty of ammunition when the time comes for me to write my proposal song. But she spun around and smiled it’s cookie cutter. I spent thousands of dollars. Your comment got stuck in limbo and for some reason the site didn’t send me an email notification. After an in-depth comparison, I was about to sign up with Distrokid to distribute my new album project, but I heard about Songtradr's distribution plan, that sound really interesting. More on that dynamic in a moment. Since you left TAXI 9 years ago, how much income have you averaged per year from sync placements you got post TAXI? I can’t seem to place it, but you seem very familiar from some years ago. • If you don’t know what an “arc” is, then you should join TAXI. I wouldn’t want people to have the impression that we used to suck but got better after you left . Y’know, I don’t hear about Taxi so much anymore! YOUR audience is out there. Respectfully, The only time I hear about Taxi is through blog comments. Relentless touring is another option, but not now. Similar to Songtradr or Taxi. Do you live in Seattle by any chance? We hear about deals that take a long time to happen pretty frequently, but you certainly set some sort of record. I’ve been aware of Taxi since I had a going-concern band (touring, recording, making money) in the 90’s. Many of the members have had dozens if not hundreds of placements on TV and Film. Their promotion makes you feel like you're just right there about to get it, then nothing. However, my friend got a lot of soap opera and television placements. But maybe what is different is me and the quality of my growth as a person as well as a publisher. Reading around online, it seems like some people question whether those opportunities are even real at all and thus jump straight to the “this whole thing is a scam” statement while others indicate that they have reason to believe the opportunities are very real and legitimate, they just aren’t experiencing the kind of success they were led to believe they could expect. Sure, there are tip sheets, but only Taxi provides the guidance and education to turn your misses into hits. Guys, weighing in here after about six years in the trenches as a solo singer-songwriter. During this call, he threatened several times that if I did not remove my review, he would be forced to eviscerate me in his rebuttal to the BBB. After scouring reviews–including yours–we think CDBaby will be the best choice for our upcoming releases. If you believe in your music, then it’s real, authentic, “cream,” even if the hipsters and tastemakers don’t feel it. All the best. That said, I agree that it must be helping SOMEONE out there, or it would cease to exist in due course.

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