By all accounts, it looks like this business has been working non-stop ever since, and is about to get a whole lot busier after millions of people watch the Sharks do a little Kayaking on the Show. “Anton Willis, Roberto Gutierrez and Ardy Sobhani walk confidently and stand still in front of the Sharks”. Nowadays, there are so many products of folding kayak from shark tank in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one.You have searched for folding kayak from shark tank in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them. Aug 4, 2014 - The Oru Kayak is an origami inspired boat that folds out of a compact case. In fact, he created over twenty five full-scale prototypes, and tested them out in lakes around San Francisco, including the Bay Area. Oru kayak shark tank pitch oru kayak is a folding kayak that fits in your bedroom closet using origami. He says that some of the equipment that the group needs, is very expensive. He states that for that reason, he is out. He states that they are trying to appeal to the general population as well, which is why they are trying to keep the price low. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course. Watch the Oru Kayak … Mailing List. The group thinks about the offer for a moment, after which Anton says that they would love to have Robert Herjavec on board and they accept the deal. And to be able to do that, he looked back to one of his old childhood. Oru Kayak Shark Tank Update. He loves the show because he's an entrepreneur at heart. Mark Cuban says that he thinks the product is absolutely beautiful. He says that the boat is completely watertight, so you will stay dry, even in rough waters. The company uses double-layered polypropylene, which is tough, resilient, and abrasion-resistant. Unfortunately, the deal with Herjavec never closed. Cosmo weems 4756 views. At the end interview, Anton Willis says that they are really excited, and look forward to work with Robert Herjavec. Daymond loves to fish so much, He bought himself an entire lake just to go fishing anytime he wants. This means that their total sales is over a million dollars. Then came the company’s appearance on Shark Tank in 2014 where Robert Herjavec invested $500,000 into Oru … The Oru Kayak assembles in less than 5 minutes. She says that she cannot imagine what she could to help with the kayak business, which means that she is out. Fold Up Kayak – Oru Kayak. She says that she still wants to own the foldable kayak because she thinks that it is a status symbol, and is something to show off about it. These full sized Kayaks fold down into a small carrying case and weighs only 26 pounds. For a kayak that needed funding on Kickstarter to being featured on Shark Tank, the creators of the Oru Bay kayak have seen their vision not only through, but what a success it has become. Robert Herjavec declines this offer, to which Anton Willis states that he will give him a twenty percent stake in Oru Kayak. Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. To help viewers of the show find out more information about the products and services that were on the show, John created Oru Kayak, a collapsible kayak that can fold and fit in the back of a car, was pitched on Shark Tank in 2014. Oru kayak shark tank season 5 episode 28. Oru Kayak Update. With hard chines, an Oru kayak paddles and tracks significantly better than an inflatable kayak, yet offers similar pack-ability. Thanks to Oru Kayak’s keen attention to the smallest details and innovative engineering, boating is now more accessible than ever before. Cubans boat called the “Fountainhead” is a whopping 288 feet long and ranks the 48th largest superyacht in the world. Roberto Gutierrez takes the word and continues the presentation. After watching Shark Tank I always found myself looking to find out more about the products that I liked. ... Oru Kayak - Shark Tank 2014. Many reviewers are very happy with their kayaks, and have gone out paddling with them often. He states that they need a partner, in order to scale up the production and be able to meet the demands. To help other viewers of the show find out more information about each of the Shark Tank products and services, I’ve created This means that there’s only one seam, which is positioned on top and is sealed with a watertight rubber gasket. “Barbara Corcoran is amazed by the idea and design”. The Oru Kayak (short for Origami) is also the latest Shark Tank product that first proved there’s a market for a folding Kayak with a very successful Kickstarter campaign. There are a ton of positive reviews for kayaks from Oru Kayak, which can be seen on Amazon, Facebook and several paddling websites. The material is extremely durable and light. About Us. He states that the material they have used is extremely durable, very sturdy and is extremely light. Anton Willis answers by saying that it costs five hundred and five dollars to build one of their kayaks, which is a lot and that is the reason why they are looking for an investment. Starting with a $80,000.00 goal needed to bring the folding boat to market, the trio ended the campaign in December 2012 with over $443,000.00 to really get this project kick-started in the right direction. To help viewers of the show find out more information about the products and services that were on the show, John created Barbara Corcoran says that she owns two kayaks, which she never uses. It is about twice as fast as paddling and frees your hands for fishing, photography, or just eating a sandwich. Barbara says that it is sexy, which is half the sale already, but she loves to get involved with her businesses and help them out. The video above gives a great demonstration of what I am talking about. Roberto Gutierrez answers the question by saying that they have sold over twelve hundred kayaks so far, at a price of eleven hundred dollars per kayak. We even give away some of the Shark Tank products every once and a while! Read about the product and the pitch on Sharkalytics. Roberto states that they primarily sale their kayaks on their website, which is going direct to the consumer. There are also a lot of accessories that you can purchase in the online store. Sometimes that extra info was hard to come by, which is why I bring unbiased reviews and info about the many successes of the Shark Tank TV show. Best of all now in 2018 you can buy your Oru Kayak on Amazon, Click here to view the Kayak on Amazon with all discounts automatically applied, Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) CEO: No News and Live Sports Content, How To Naturally Lower Blood Pressure – Tips and Best Practices, EPL Standings: Top 10 After 18 Matches Played, Xiaomi Among Companies Hit With US Restrictions, Italy: Stolen Painting Found In Naples Cupboard. The whole boat only weights 26 pounds. As originally seen on Shark Tank and Kickstarter, Oru’s innovative origami kayaks have been featured on CNN, Forbes, Oprah Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and more.

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