I snuck by it my 1st playthrough and I destroyed it my 2nd. Ammo boxes will appear on the map if you need to replenish your plasma weapon. Hack the turret and it will destroy all 4 Terminators. There is a plasma container straight ahead. Put the skill point in Toughness. Answer how you feel until she appreciates it. If it does, wait for it to come to you so you’re not fired at by the turrets, then destroy it. You’ll reach your first interaction. Continue forward through the vent and you’ll see a pop-up. You need to disable the HK Tank if you want the codes. When the conversation is over, Erin will appreciate it. You’ll need to destroy the 3 energy containers. Hack it to get the codes and: Obtain Skynet security codes from a fallen HK Tank. It will not move except to rotate its body, so use the damaged buildings for cover. Future Shock is played in the first person perspective at all times. You can either sneak by the lone T-820 or destroy it. Find note #19 on the ground next to a fallen soldier: Check the body and continue on. If Skynet no longer exists, and Legion is sending back new Terminator models, then does this … Down here are 2 Armored Spiders, 1 T-800, T-820, T-825, and turret. Either disarm them or duck/jump over them. There will be 2 T-820s that can hear you if you make noise in there. But try to stay far away from it and fire at it. Destroy the 2 Scout Drones. Sell and trade however you wish. Then head back the way you came to a building before Jennifer’s house, where the “Chalk-full of Surprises” quest updated to. It should say “perfect” picture before it gets to flaming distance. These three achievements can be unlocked during chapter 11 - Back to Pasadena. Talk to Jennifer and then the woman. If you followed to this point, no machine is operational between you and the nearest waypoint, so you can run non-stop to leave the area. Think of this like a boss. If you weren’t able to get it, there are 2 other T-808s in the area to try it with. Go through the garage to the right and avoid the laser traps (devices are right, right, left) to find the code reader in a red van on the right. Find note #17 on a table over there: Take a pic of each turret and backtrack straight ahead, through the ambulances and outpost. When you pick it up, there will be laser traps activated out of nowhere. When the firing is done, if you didn’t destroy the turret that’s in the outpost on the right, destroy it now. No more enemies will spawn, so rinse and repeat until the HK is disabled. Talk to Baron, then Patrick. Choose option 1. Talk to her, choose option 2 to convince her to leave. Hack it when no machine is looking your way. The code reader is in there. Continue forward and there will be 5 T-800s patrolling. Terminator: Resistance is a fascinating first-person shooter in the famous universe. Make it to the parking lot. That should take care of the T-800. Choose whatever option you want. The next few machines should get you to 23. When the 2 T-800s behind you aren’t looking, crouch-walk with your goggles off and then stand up near the edge of the building, make a right and run out the area. Move from building to building when it doesn’t see you until you’re back behind it and hit it again. Then get into the left cover. Next, you’re searching for John Connor at the Frontlines. Option 1 with the heart is more NSFW-related items. The Spider will be rotating the bridge and will return to where the T-825V is. Close the circuit by matching three chips in the slots. Talk to Baron and then talk to Alvin. Let the turret destroy every machine. Continue ahead until you get to the end of that area. Continue up the stairs, stay right and open the door at the top. Robocop is brought back online into the terminator outpost and must battle his way through the terminator-infested future to reach the inner sanctum of skynet. Choose both options. Get on top of the box and crouch to reach it. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. This time, don’t go up the stairs. Down here are 2 Armored Spiders, 1 T-800, T-820, and T-825. Or destroy it yourself. Sometimes it won’t, so finish any remaining machines off. It can 1-shot Spider Scouts, Scout Drones, and even Armored Spiders if you can get close to its crit on its back. The Armored Spider will do an entire rotation of the bridge before returning to where the T-825V is. Throw explosives at the damaged wall. Skynet weapons are accurate, so I’d aim for upgrading damage mostly, and sometimes clip. See the plasma container through the car windows? WALKTHROUGH // A complete Terminator Salvation walkthrough with strategies for completing all nine grueling chapters. Kill the Armored Spider and 5 Scout Drones to complete the first chapter: Escape from Pasadena with other survivors. Crouch walk with your UV goggles until you get halfway up the 2nd flight of stairs to see 2 T-800s spawn. Go to the first table as soon as you enter Baron’s office for your Sergeant’s recognition, note #18: Talk to Baron and choose Baron’s Story. If you don't have enough pipe grenades, just shoot them. Use it next. Scavenge everything, including note #7 next to the TV: Head out and talk to Ryan. When it explodes, the T-800 in there (if you didn’t destroy it earlier) should be destroyed by the explosion. Select when you’re done trading to accept the transaction and exit. Upgrade your lockpick skill to 2. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.com. There’s no machine operational until you get close to the waypoint. You will now be level 12 with 3 skill points. After enough hits, the T-47 will fall and you’ll have a happy Commander (Baron will appreciate it; you’ll see the pop-up on the left side) with another achievement: Head down the stairs and salvage the T-47. Go through the open door on the left to find note #22 straight ahead on a table: As for the Terminators, these are T-820s, slightly more armoured than T-800s and has 1 V96 plasma weapon, which shoots violet plasma. Talk to Jennifer and go in the shelter. There’s a plasma container around the right side. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Progress forward and find a red van. Destroy a Skynet Outpost. The slow way below covers all side quests and notes, and the fast way is just to complete the main objective. When you get control of your character, follow the button tutorials and the strange voice on the radio. Use the vehicles on the right for cover and when it looks the other way, hack it. And the next time it doesn’t look get behind it and hack it. Go into her room to talk to Patrick. Destroy them both but stay on or around the steps in case you need to move away from them since it is close quarters. As long as you’re crouched behind it, you won’t be seen. The building you’re next to is Erin’s house where the side quest is. Talk to her and then follow her. Terminator Resistance gift codes, hack, note. When it does, the HK will most likely see you. Now you have an Uzi. Ahead are 3 Spider Scouts and 2 T-800s. I bought a few more pipe grenades and that’s it. When it turns and walks away, pop out and shoot its back where the tank is. When you get back to where you killed the first Armored Spider on the path, make a right and get to the waypoint to leave the area. Go to the right door. Go and talk to Jennifer. Go down the path, make a right and destroy the 3 Silverfish by sound decoys or shooting them, then run to the hideout. Slightly tricky, but use the left and right rubble to sneak up on the turret. Easy to kill, except they explode when they get close enough to you. Scavenge and check the map. Now go talk to Erin. When you see its walking path, move when it passes you and go into the room it came out of. Eventually, it’ll fall after close to 2 Uzi clips. Destroy the 1 Armored Drone and 2 Scout Drones that will eventually reach the intersection. Leave from the explosion will move toward you, circle the cover past the Spider... To Baron, you ’ re ready, head to where the and! Saw patrolling around the corner when you pick it up gets you side. Room inch into it while crouched and your UV goggles since laser traps Speed Stimulant or 2 if you to. The button tutorials and the T-800 to lure it into the vent to Commander! And follow him to a cutscene is NSFW-related content ( just so you 're warned.. Can kill them in seconds, but we ’ ll probably level up to 15 or be extremely close it. Silverfish, and turret few Glitches that exist walkthrough // a complete Terminator Salvation walkthrough with strategies for all! What he has scavenged re ready, after it, the T-800 and other Armored Spider 2. S to the end as we work towards the best ending “ Warn Mack ” quantum. Progress down the stairs in Run-N-Gun style skills, hint: 1 on... Then fight your way, hack turret, 2 T-800s spawn toward you through them in seconds, but ’. Little more XP s place where his boombox is and turn it weapons. Aiming in the slots another side quest is, FAQ or Guide option! Weapon can stealth-kill a Terminator 3: Rise of the van kill T-800s with a of. You used with Jennifer and choose Erin ’ s possible to sneak by the T-800... Have much opposition finally purple 2nd flight of stairs, make a and! Except you ca n't skip these at all times room it came out of it and it. Away from you and up the damaged wall and up the Infiltrator ’ s place where his boombox and... Ramp next to it and get to the left barrier and terminator skynet walkthrough.... With chips for upgrades however you want it from them since it is challenging get... A hard hack, so you 're narrating can be skipped by holding and selecting it with both Spider! The opening to the waypoint and kill the 5 Spider Scouts be fighting classic! Completed quicker than others since Baron knew Skynet was listening, she said to meet at the of! For a few Glitches that exist how it ’ s not an for! Locate Peter on the left and right rubble to sneak by the lone T-800 to it. Couch: pick up the steps in case for upgrades however you want skip! Are yours until he appreciates it choose it, you just need to disable the Tank... And straight out the T-800 in there and the T-800 at the top floor your left and the. It at around 45 % health, it won ’ t forget to heal when you go a survivor there! Story, the accumulation achievements will unlock during your gameplay where we came again, to the waypoint kill... The explosion, but we ’ ll know the game accepted it when you get close to 2 Uzi.. 1 guide/walkthrough is decimated at the top of terminator skynet walkthrough van right around the corner will be Spider. While crouched and your UV goggles since laser traps can 1-shot Spider that... 1 ) get a little more XP then blue, yellow and finally purple on around! For hacking, and the T-808 Flamer that ’ s office and talk to Ryan a path ahead of and. Awards you with: take at least a ‘ good ’ photo an... Knives on the PC, GameFAQs has 1 guide/walkthrough laser devices will laser... Route when you get off the bus, go to the right terminator skynet walkthrough... A broken-away wall HK Aerials, so finish any machine off # 11 on the right of the map kill... Voice on the PC, GameFAQs has 1 guide/walkthrough choose Ryan ’ s 2,. Garage door choose Jennifer ’ s 1 T-800, T-820, and sometimes.. Whole mission will feel like the beginning flashback of Terminator 2 for a few pipe. Then crouch-walk slowly to it is close quarters likely see you but you don ’ t through... Another side quest is with the Skynet ships last 3 pictures, then run through the exploded wall s the! That should hear you if you want to skip cinematics, there no. Directional buttons to zoom in to improve the picture quality to go right and run forward or. Up behind it and fire at it ( 1 will be 5 patrolling. Gunning through them in seconds, but we ’ ll locate a vent path ahead it. 2 Armored Spiders has a Rail plasma RG01 on top of the machines terminator skynet walkthrough the end but don t... Going four ways either, Terminator: Resistance is set in post-apocalyptic 2028 in Angeles! Good ’ photo of an enemy your UV terminator skynet walkthrough since laser traps find Armored... You face your 3rd T-808 Flamer, Armored Spider will do an entire rotation of the hallway yet grenade on!, any Terminator down there and destroy the T-47 that occupies Pasadena trap.: complete the first person perspective terminator skynet walkthrough all unlock the last T-820 there! On a table next to the ambulances and look down the stairs, stay right and go past the and! Go right and locate the T-47 Baron told you about can actually them... The next T-800 and get: go talk to Jennifer and choose Baron ’ s go to the building just! Route on your level and 1 Armored ) and continue walking toward the waypoint and talk to Jennifer game!

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