This is a list of United States states and their state flower, tree, and bird. • Our native bees use hundreds of varieties of garden flowers, many of them water-wise. (10) Utah's state folk dance is the square dance, the folk dance that is called, cued, or prompted to the dancers and includes squares, rounds, clogging, contra, line, and heritage dances. State Mineral: Copper. Annuals for Utah Gardens, Teresa Cerny. Fertilize with Dr. Q s Tree, Shrub and Vine food during growing season. Intermediate shade tolerance. (What’s up, Bingham Canyon Mine? From The Wildflowers of the 50 States U.S. stamps issued July 24, 1992: Utah Wildflower - Sego Lily. 2004 PDF. Official State Tree of Utah. Arkansas State Flower, Apple Blossom. Also, Pando. Native to the western part of the United States, the sego lily is prominent in the Great Basin and the open grasslands of the state. Fourth graders at Monroe Elementary said the way a colony of aspens grows out of a single root system represents the way Utahns work together to reach new heights. Mormon folklore has it that these gluttonous avian saviors gorged themselves on the Moses-esque plague locusts crickets, overdid it, evacuated themselves from both ends into the Great Salt Lake and then went back for more. Two words: peach cobbler. Quiz! No particular variety or color was designated by the General Assembly. Arizona. Cercidium floridum. The flowers are about two inches across, and two or three of them may be borne on the stiff slender stem. (Spoiler alert: Utah’s state insect is not the cricket.) The legislation was signed by … The sego lily (Calochortus nuttallii) is endemic to the western U.S. Like the seagull, it earned its state designation for its service to the early, hungry, cricket-ridden Mormon settlers. (Maybe NFL teams had already claimed all the majestic species…) But it makes more sense when you learn Larus californicus is presumed to be the bird that saved the pioneers’ crops from crickets in 1848–9. The Beehive State has a population of about 3,160,000 people. • 1847 is the year the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. It also is known as tulip tree magno­lia, whitewood and canoewood because Native Americans once fashioned dugout canoes from its trunk. The seagull represents the state bird, while Utah’s emblem is the beehive. Governor William Spry updated it in 1913 after red, yellow, green and brown thread were invented. • 1896 is the year Utah was admitted as the 45th state in the Union (January 4, to be exact). Checklist Logan Canyon - Logan Canyon guide, Key to the Trees of Logan Canyon - Dichotomous key, Introduction to Tree ID- PowerPoint by Mike Kuhns, Introduction to Tree Taxonomy- PowerPoint by Mike Kuhns, University of Utah Tree Tour 2011 - Interactive Google map, University of Utah Tree Tour Handout - Map and tree list, Utah State University Tree Tour 2012- Interactive Google map, Utah State University Tree Tour Handout - Map and tree list, UofU Tree Identification Tour - Utah Forest Facts 19, Tree and Botanical Glossary - Extension article, Utah State University Tree Tour - Mike Kuhns, Professor & Extension Forestry Specialist. Landscape Use: This is a good tree that has become over-planted in parts of Utah. PDF. The Eastern redbud, Cercis canadensis, is one of the first trees to bloom each year, … (Is it possible to long for the day when the state rock is changed to the solar panel, but at the same time give thanks for the coal power and jobs that helped build our state? Paleontologists have theorized that allosaurus ambushed its prey and used its upper jaw like a hatchet. With a length of 350 miles and a width of 270 miles, Utah’s total areais approximately 84,899 square miles. FLOWER: Sego Lily. Topaz is a semiprecious gem found in Beaver, Juab and Tooele counties. Irrigation System Maintenance, Kelly Kopp and Jennie Hoover. (12) Utah's state fruit is the cherry. View profiles for 48 native and naturalized (originally planted but reproducing naturally) tree species found in Utah. Sort of strange to name the California gull (aka seagull) the state bird of Utah, both because of its non-local name and because it’s a pretty common, plain and scavenge-y bird. Unlike the seagull, the sego lily is both useful and beautiful. The quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) replaced the blue spruce (Picea pungens) as the state tree in 2014. For a more complete listing you may want to visit the online Utah Tree Browser, with information on 242 Utah tree species. State Insect: Honey Bee. General: Native to Europe from Norway south, though widely planted and occasionally has escaped cultivation in parts of the U.S., including Utah. It requires full sun and regular deadheading to do its best. 2003 PDF. Trees make up a large part of American history, from Christmas trees during the holidays, to the time-honored story of the treaty in the white oak. The quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) was chosen by the Utah State Legislature in 2014 to be the state tree. The peony blooms the last of May and early June in various shades of red and pink and also in white; it occurs in single and double forms. It used to live throughout the country but over-hunting eradicated populations east of the Rockies. busy and hardworking like a bee). (Didn’t even realize “Official State Cooking Pot” was a thing, did ya?) Calochortus gunnisonii. This calculation is read as approximately 36 people per square mile of … • The sego lily — the state flower — symbolizes peace. This change began with fourth-grade students at Monroe Elementary in Sevier County. Arkansas adopted the apple blossom as their state flower in … Visit IPM and identify Plant Pests by … and five feet at the shoulder with antlers four feet wide, so remember: It’s the state animal, not the state pet. Copyright © 2021 Saguaro cactus. Utah’s state flower is the sego lily. Utah has a right to claim it as the state fossil, with an unprecedented (and mysterious!) Many Utah gardeners have a fruit tree or two in their back yard. In addition to a state animal of Utah, legislators also designed a state cooking pot, state firearm, and state folk dance. It’s weird, but golldurn if it ain’t catchy. Carnegiea gigantea. Without looking at the picture, name three things pictured in the state seal on Utah’s flag. Take your complaints to the fifth grade glass who successfully lobbied to make Apis mellifera the official insect of Utah in 1983. State Grass: Indian Rice Grass. Oregon's first symbol was the motto Alis Volat Propriis, written and translated in 1854. Utah State Tree – Quaking Aspen –. Although size can vary, usually the blue spruce is a medium to large tree with stout, layered branches. There are 15 recognized subspecies of cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki), and the Bonneville Cutthroat (Oncorhynchus clarki utah) is ours. Flag of Utah; Flower: Sego Lily; Motto: "Industry" Nicknames: (most used) The Beehive State; The Mormon State; The Salt Lake State; Reptile: Western Rattlesnake; … The Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus canadensis , aka Deerus Onsteroidus) became the official state animal in 1971. Eastern Redbud. State Tartan: Utah State Tartan. Utah ranks as the thirteenth largest state based on total area. PDF. Utah’s state flower is the sego lily, and its tree is the blue spruce. Quaking Aspen Salicaceae Populus tremuloides. The Utah’s state flower sego lily or Calochortus nuttallii was accepted as the official state flower of Utah by the Ninth Regular Session of the Legislature of the State of Utah after a census of Utah school children. Annuals for Utah Gardens, Teresa Cerny, Debbie Amundsen, and Loralie Cox. This titan of the late Jurassic was as long and tall as a school bus and weighed more than a ton. We even put a copper top on the Utah State Capitol, so it’ll keep working up to six times longer than regular carbon state capitols. The sego lily is the official state flower of Utah; it was designated as the official Utah flower … Some trees have been sawed into lumber or pulp. Populus tremuloides. PDF. (9) Utah's state flower is the sego lily. It is found all through the state of Utah. SALT LAKE CITY — Thunderous applause and a standing ovation followed a unanimous vote Monday to pass a bill in the Senate that would change Utah's state tree to a quaking aspen. (Spoiler alert: Utah’s state insect is not the cricket.) State Motto: "Industry" State Rock: Coal. Industry Website. For a more complete listing you may want to visit the online Utah Tree Browser, with information on 242 Utah tree species. Crape Myrtle Tree-Tree grows to 15 x 12 , favorite for their bright summer blooms in colors like pink, white, red and lavender. Oryzopsis hymenoides is a fine, upstanding, non-psychoactive grass. The Bonneville cutthroat was an important food source for Native Americans and early Mormon settlers. PDF. Native and Naturalized Trees of Utah. Utah State University Extension provides a services to identify pests and diseases through IPM (Integrated Pest Management). • Few of our native bees have much venom or any inclination to sting. Aspen's main uses in Utah have been for fence poles and buildings, and as firewood. It was registered as the 45th state of the US in 1896. The students felt that the blue spruce … By an act of the Utah State Legislature, approved on March 18, 1911, the sego lily was declared to be the State floral emblem (Utah Code). Wood is used for furniture. Allergic to bees? Other Forestry Related USU Extension Pubs. Hummingbirds love the delicate redbirds in a tree, which bloom from June to September. Hate honey? Drawing by Mike Sherer Rose lovers are grateful for the John Cabot rose, which can flower from June to October, one of the few roses that can do so in northern Utah. • Some wild bees are superb pollinators of Utah’s tree fruits, raspberries, squashes, melons and cucumbers. We say that’s anthropomorphic and dismissive of the blue spruce, but we’re sympathetic to their other argument for the change: that quakies are found in all 29 of Utah’s counties and make up 10% of the state’s forest cover, while the blue spruce is primarily limited to the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains and constitutes a mere 1% of total forest cover. Growing Iris, Utah State University Extension. Utah designated quaking aspen as the official state tree in 2014, replacing the original state tree; blue spruce, adopted in 1933. Before purchasing and planting fruit trees, consider whether you have the space, time and expertise needed to grow and care for them. Here’s what it all means: • The American flag and the fairly stern-looking bald eagle represent assimilation to and protection by the United States — a significant detail given the Mormon settlers’ colorful history with the feds. (We all know what Colorado’s favorite grass is…) It’s a hardy species suited to soil types from sand to clay, and Native Americans ground its seeds into meal or flour, especially when the corn crop failed. As the thirty-first most populated state, Utah’s population density is 36.53 per square mile. The flowers produce nectar used in gourmet honey. It has the characteristic red-orange slash under its jaw and black spots that get more concentrated near the tail. The capital city of this state is Salt Lake City, which is also the largest city in this state. Bull elk can reach 700 lbs. It is cultivated widely throughout the state and is extremely popular for decorating gravesites for Memorial Day. A usually bushy evergreen, with rounded crown, forked trunk and spreading branches. • The beehive and the word INDUSTRY in the center are the state emblem and motto, respectively, because settling a desert is hard work. The sego lily (Calochortus nuttallii) is endemic to the western U.S. Like the seagull, it earned its state designation for its service to the early, hungry, cricket-ridden Mormon settlers. These trees can add beauty to the landscape and provide fully ripe fruit for fresh eating and preserving. • A garden plant need not be native to attract and feed native The inner bark of the roots yields an alkaloid and heart stimulant. Its lovely hues and markings have earned this lily the name mariposa, a Spanish word meaning butterfly. It’s a helpful deterrent to erosion and makes a good feature in your xeriscaped yard. State Fossil: Allosaurus. State Tree: Quaking Aspen Big coal deposits around the state have given Utahns a lot of electricity, and it even gave Carbon County its name. State Fruit: Cherry. Deciduous, Tree. Fun fact: The original Utah flag, adopted in 1896, had similar imagery but was a simple white-on-blue design. Utah Juniper (Juniperus osteosperma) The most prevalent tree in Utah, found in virtually every region, and the primary species of Utah’s pygmy forests. Prune back in January to increase flowers. State Folk Dance: Square Dance. Grows at elevations of … in Utah. The U.S. state of Oregon has 27 official emblems, as designated by the Oregon State Legislature.Most of the symbols are listed in Title 19, Chapter 186 of the Oregon Revised Statutes (2011 edition). Official state symbols, emblems, and icons of Utah - places to see in Utah - landmarks, parks, historic markers, cities and towns - learn the culture and history of Utah! Deseret — the name pioneers gave the Utah–Nevada territory before statehood — is a word from the Book of Mormon said to mean honey bee, adding background and an extra layer of connection to state’s emblem (beehive) and motto (“Industry,” i.e. Utah State Flower. It’s the kind of thing many Utahns could pick out of a crowd but haven’t ever looked too closely at. collection of allosaurus bones discovered at the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry south of Price. This leaves 2,731 square miles – or 3.2% – of water areas. (They’re in 39th grade now, probably keeping bees in their backyard somewhere in Layton.) (11) Utah's state fossil is the Allosaurus. Want an awesome visual? Lilacs, USU. It contains … In nature, it’s shaped like stubby sharpened pencils. Oh, and it’s the birthstone of November, so if you know a Utahn born that month, you have a doubly perfect gift idea. School children in the state voted for the flower as their choice for the state floral emblem, and it was adopted as Utah’s state flower on 18 March 1911. The tree also produces cylindrical cones that mature in autumn. Utah is one of the biggest copper producers in the world. Utah Travel Leaf: It’s an aluminum florisilicate almost as hard as diamonds, and it can be pink, yellow, blue or colorless. The blue spruce is an evergreen tree with a pyramidal shape and stiff, needle-shaped leaves. Kate C. Snow, President of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, in a letter dated April 17, 1930, says that “between 1840 and 1851” food became very scarce in Utah due to a crop-devouring plague of crickets, and that “the … Utah officially recognized Coal as the State Rock in 1991. Likes full to part sun, amended soil with good drainage and moderate water. The blue spruce, which became the state tree in 1933, will be ousted if the bill passes the House. The tulip poplar wood is a top choice of organ makers. Thanks, gross rats of the sky! 50 State Trees: Rooted in Local History 50 State Trees: Rooted in Local History Treaties in the Trees. State Gem: Topaz. The state tree of Utah is the blue spruce, also commonly referred to as Picea pungens. All State Trees. The state of Utah is located in the western United States. Pansies, USU. Sego lily. Paloverde. State Flower: Sego Lily. We can Cu from space!) We think so.). Of Utah’s total area, roughly 82,168 miles are taken up by land. Phoenix. Cactus Wren. They live alongside deer and moose in most mountain ranges in Utah. When crops got scarce, Native Americans taught the new arrivals to dig up the sego lily’s nutritious bulbs to stave off starvation. The quaking aspen replaced the Colorado blue spruce, which had held the honor of state tree since 1933. State Song: "Utah, This Is The Place" State Hymn: "Utah We Love Thee" State Star: Dubhe. Thirty protons are too many, 28 are too few, we always say. All rights reserved. View profiles for 48 native and naturalized (originally planted but reproducing naturally) tree species found in Utah.

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